You made it! That means I must have not completely screwed everything up with this domain change. Yes, things are looking a little bit different around this here website; I will warn you that this will be probably continue to happen over the next couple weeks.

Of course, the biggest change has already happened. Singular Sarah has now changed into Real Life Redeemed. I spent a half hour online chatting with a lovely technician from my hosting service, SiteGround, and I am finally the owner of another website. I will fully admit that it is thrilling to own your own domain and have the power to make something amazing or royally screw something up. Hopefully, I’ll end up with the former, but currently, it seems “to be determined.”

“But why the change?” you might ask. “I liked Singular Sarah and the weird and awkward stories that you wrote.” And I really appreciate you, Mom, for saying that, but over the past few months as I’ve struggled to write, I realized that I needed some focus in my writing. As much as I like the idea of being some sort of “free spirit” writer who doesn’t care for such things as niche or keywords, I actually need a little bit of structure to help me concentrate. You would think I would be easier to write about anything, but it seems to paralyze my brain rather than liberate it.

So I had to make a decision about what I wanted my niche to be. Could I be writing in the library niche and regale you with more exciting library tales? Perhaps, but most library-related blogs do book reviews all the time, and while I have done and definitely will continue to do book reviews, that topic did not excite me.

I also thought about doing a blog specifically related to chronic illness and pain, perhaps related to my polycystic ovarian syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome. I have read and been encouraged and empathized with others who have blogged in that particular niche, and learning to cope with a chronic illness is definitely a significant part of my life. However, I am actively trying to work on not defining myself based on my infertility or my illness, and dwelling on it daily as I write seemed counterproductive.

So obviously, I have decided to go the Christian living blog route instead. I’ve known since I was in junior high and could not get enough of Mr. Rice’s Bible class on the Beatitudes that I wanted to understand Scripture and know God better. I majored in Bible when I was in college, and I spent two years in seminary delving deeper into theology. I married a man who is a theology nerd and loves discussing everything from Traducianism to Ancient Greek to what Scriptural principles should we apply to how fast we drive. And while my faith has had its ups and downs over the past 7 years as I’ve wrestled through the trials God has allowed in my life, I still desperately want to know Him better and want to share the incredible lessons He is teaching me as I study my Bible and as I practically live it out in my own life.

I’m not an expert at Christian living; I’m pretty sure the only person who can legitimately claim that is Jesus Christ Himself. I don’t have a phD in Biblical studies, and there are many times I reach a passage and am not sure what the author is trying to say. But I’m learning, and I invite you all to come on that journey with me as we all learn how to put words and actions to our beliefs and to know our Creator better.

That all being said, I will still write my weird, silly stories and will still occasionally talk about my struggles with wanting to eat all the bread, but all the posts will ask, “What is God teaching me in all of this?” My goal is that anything I write will be words that will bring glory to God and encourage others in their own faith. I pray and hope that God will help me accomplish that.

I appreciate every single one of you who reads this blog. You are more encouragement to me than you realize. Thank you.