The sun felt good on my pale, air-conditioned-chilled skin as I relished being outside after hours working inside. I had wolfed down my lunch as quickly as possible so that I could spend the few minutes left of my lunch break walking the circuit before heading back inside the library to finish my shift. I strode along, enjoying the sounds of the birds and the soft breeze ruffling my hair as my Fitbit happily tracked each of my steps.

I was minding my own business as I strolled when I came face to face with the infamous Leroy Brown. I had heard tales from my co-workers of the “baddest goose” who had chased a mom and child from our rock garden and had threatened a boy on a skateboard. One of my co-workers sang her warning to me to the tune of the Jim Croce song that gave our goose nemesis his name, but I hadn’t thought too much of it until now as I stood facing him down – his beady eyes staring me down as he ruffled his feathers menacingly.

What would I do next? Would I continue my trek around the library undeterred by an overly aggressive male goose determined to protect his lady love and his unborn chicks? Why should I change my plans because this angry bird had decided that part of our library’s property suddenly belonged to him because he pooped all over it?

I tentatively moved forward, seeking the best way to traverse Leroy’s territory without getting too close to his nest and bringing his ire upon me. I had only made it about 10 feet when Leroy Brown hissed at me and charged in my direction. So of course, I did what any person over twice the size of this angry bird would do in my situation.

I ran quickly in the opposite direction, yelling threats at the goose over my shoulder.

A quick photo of the perpetrator before hightailing it out of there.

And so the reign of terror of our bad, bad goose continues even now. He paces in front of the large windows in our workroom, eating grass and reminding us that we are only allowed to be in his domain because he allows us to be. We tried to appease him by creating an entire display dedicated to Canadian geese, complete with children’s books, coloring pages, geese facts, and a full-size, foam cut-out of our goose friend himself. We pass through his pathways with caution, and he only knows whether or not he will assault us, wings flapping to show his displeasure, or if he will simply eat grass and watch us warily. It adds a little adventure to our otherwise tranquil days in the library as we read all day.

(Haha…just kidding. I wish I read all day. But Leroy Brown sure beats dealing with the customer who is convinced that we orchestrated the printers being down just to ruin her day.)

Our homage to Leroy Brown and his kind.