From my perch on the beach house porch, I have a great view to people watch. There’s always someone walking, running, or sunbathing right in front of our rental, and my favorite past time on vacation has been to sit in my beach chair, drinking in the sounds and smells of the sea while contemplating how I can convince Ryan that we need to move here and live this carefree life forever.

It seems like everyone here shares my sentiment and enjoys being by the ocean. I’ve seen families wander by with tiny, excited children in tow. The kids squeal over colorful seashells or splash in the water while their parents chase after them, watching the churning ocean with a wary eye while the kids play carefree. I’ve seen elderly couples stroll by, looking for that perfect conch shell or that ideal spot to plop down their beach chairs to read or stare meditatively at the ocean until they get too hot to remain. I’ve seen runners, focused and persistent as they jog by the water’s edge. While they seem unfazed by their proximity to the glorious ocean, they also could just as easily jog on the great pedestrian path on our street yet choose to be closer to the waves and sand.

This particular morning, as I sit on the porch with notebook in hand and sun already heating up the beach, I’ve seen multiple different beachgoers frequent our particular sliver of paradise.

I saw a woman, dressed in a flowy white t-shirt and tight black yoga pants walk by. I cannot determine why she has chosen to walk by the ocean this morning, though I imagine in my head that she is looking for the perfect place to do some epic beach yoga and make me jealous in how elegant and flexible she is. But she doesn’t stop and unfurl a yoga mat; she simply disappears into the haze of the early morning sunlight and is lost from my sight.

Another woman comes into view. She’s dressed in a bright yellow shirt, tiny jean shorts, and a white visor and carries a neon yellow bucket in hand. Her focus is on the seashore as she slowly ambles by our porch. She examines the ground every few feet, scouring the sand for the perfect specimens to take home and display in a glass jar or sit on a mantlepiece as the perfect conversation starter for her vacation to Myrtle Beach. More often than not, the shell is discarded as being imperfect or unworthy and she continues onward until she too disappears from view.

A couple now comes into view, both dressed in teal-colored bathing suits. The man strides forward first, probably because he’s like Ryan and walks fast everywhere and the woman with him is shorter, hurrying to try and keep up. They both carry absolutely nothing in their hands for a day of sunbathing or swimming so I imagine they might be seeking one of the local restaurants right on the water or are exploring the beach one last time before they head back to the large city they came from, whose streets are far from the beautiful ocean shores.

I keep trying to write down information about everyone that walks by. A man walks by in sneakers and cargo shorts picking up trash. A middle-aged woman in all black, athletic garb stands in front of the beach house and waits impatiently for a long-haired young man in pink swim trunks to catch up with her before they continue onward. Four adult siblings walk slowly down the beach, stopping often to check out the ocean or catch their breath before turning back around and heading the direction they came from, likely back to one of the brightly colored beach houses like our own. But they all pass by so quickly that I cannot seem to write fast enough to capture everyone in my notebook as I scribble furiously.

But in the end, all the footprints left by my beachwalkers are erased by the large tractor that makes its trek up and down the beach, smoothing the sand into an almost too-perfect tranquility.

This blog post was inspired by two different prompts – Lorna from Gin and Lemonade encouraged us to do some people watching this week, and Kristi from Finding Ninee and Kendra from Sporadically Yours asked us to share a photo and tell the story behind it. Please check out their pages and join in on the fun. ❤️ Hopefully I’ll be back to your regularly scheduled blogging on Monday.