I’m leaving in my Hyundai Accent; don’t know when I’ll be back again…..okay, maybe that is not exactly true.


That’s all that has been dominating my thoughts this week. I think my brain checked out on Monday and is already waiting for me on some beach in South Carolina, already ready to start working on that sunburn I’m sure to get in about 2 days.

Ryan and I are taking the first vacation we’ve had in what seems like a long time, and we are absolutely thrilled about it. We’re packing up all our stuff, driving anywhere between 6-8 hours depending on how far out of our way we have to go to avoid the flooding in North Carolina, and spending the week luxuriating in some large, posh beach house for the rest of September. I have been counting down the weeks, the days, and now the hours until we get in the car.

But leaving takes a lot of work, particularly when you are trying to actually not spend a fortune. In addition to making sure we have everything from underwear to cell phone chargers before leaving on our trip, we also are packing up things like my Instant Pot and towels and dishwasher detergent. Like Santa, we’re making our lists and checking it twice. My mom and I have been corresponding via text to remind each other of things we should be bringing, sending cryptic texts like, “Bug spray,” in hopes that we can save as much money as we can in order to be able to spend money on vacation indulgences.

And there’s just so many thing to remember. I had to contact the post office to hold our mail so we aren’t announcing to the neighborhood that we aren’t home. I have to stop by the pharmacy and pick up prescriptions. I have to go to Target so that I can buy a cute new bathing suit top because the one I wore last year is so big on me that I might have a nip slip if I try to wear it out in public. There are coolers to pack, clothes and linens to wash, and floors to vacuum because I cannot leave my house without cleaning it. I want to come home from vacation and not immediately feel stressed out walking through the door. While I’m helping a customer scan a document or set up their e-reader to read magazines, I was also mentally reviewing everything that needs to be done between now and when we begin the trek down south, hoping that we won’t have to make those inevitable u-turns to go back and get the thing we need before we get too far away.

I feel like I might need a day or so once we get there to recover from packing and leaving, but I know it will be worth it when my toes are in the still warm Atlantic waters, the salty ocean breeze whipping through my hair, and my only concerns are how much reading I can do and whether or not it’s been 80 minutes since I last applied sunscreen.

Hope you all have a great week! I may be a little MIA this week, depending on if I feel like writing or not. Myrtle Beach, here I come!  

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