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  • I’ve been challenged recently to pray this prayer throughout the day as it helps to keep my priorities straight. Praying the Lord’s prayer helps me to remember to seek the Father’s will with each of my actions, His kingdom as my final authority. It reminds me to seek how I can provide for others’ needs, forgive others as I want to be forgiven, and to depend on Jesus when temptation seems too overwhelming. So I made this the lock screen wallpaper on my phone because I know I look at it way too much in hopes to get in a few more reminders in my stubborn head. 😆 #thelordsprayer #christianliving
  • Normally, my view during Bible study is my messy closet, but I had to take my husband to work at 6 AM because his Jeep is having issues again so I decided to walk and spend time with God at my local park, and I may need to do this more often. ❤️ #quiettime #christianliving
  • This morning was an adventure. I was driving to church, muttering under my breath about the lady who pulled out in front of me, when I noticed this warning light on my dashboard. I had no idea what it was for so naturally I pulled over to the first safe place I could stop, pulled out my owner’s manual, and called my husband. It turns out it was caused by low tire pressure because somewhere along the way, my back passenger tire picked up a nail. After getting it home and driving it to church, we missed all of Sunday school, and I felt myself starting to grumble. I was scheduled to work with preschoolers during the morning service so this tire escapade meant I would miss both teaching times, and I needed the encouragement and instruction after an emotionally draining week. But I made myself take a U-turn and started meditating on what I could be thankful for - like that the car’s computers caught the issue early, that the nail hole can easily be patched up, that thanks to his job at Wal-Mart, my husband knows a lot about tires so he was able to quickly determine the issue, and that he was able to come quickly to rescue me from the random park and ride I found myself in. The stress and anxiety faded as I meditated on these things, and then we ended up having a small preschool class so I was able to attend the morning service and hear my pastor’s incredible message about corporate repentance in Daniel 9. I often freak out in these tiny but inconvenient circumstances, but God is in control and He simply asks me to trust and depend on Him by prayer and thanksgiving. #christianliving #thankfulinallcircumstances #lifelessons
  • Studying Matthew 24 has been fascinating and frustrating, but I have been working my way through. There are so many differing opinions on eschatology and prophecy interpretations, and I can’t resolve all the differences in a few hours of study. In fact, I think I now have more questions about this chapter than answers, but I’m okay with that. I delve into passages in Psalms, Isaiah, and Daniel as well as looked forward to passages written by Paul and John, and I was able to make connections I hadn’t before. But I think this verse summarizes the takeaway Jesus wants us to get from Matthew 24 - to live our lives as the faithful servant did and obeyed our Master’s commands and do His will so that Jesus’ return brings deliverance like Noah received rather than unexpected judgment. (Matthew 24:38-39)
  • Reading Matthew 23 this morning in my devotions, and I was struck by the hilarious hyperbole Jesus uses to illustrate his point to the Pharisees and Bible teachers. He tells them they are straining out gnats but swallowing camels, trying to avoid breaking the Torah by accidentally drinking a gnat but missing and swallowing the camel in their drink. He is illustrating the idea of focusing on the smallest letter of the law while completely missing the mark on the big issues, like faithfulness to God, justice for the oppressed, or mercy for the sinner. The picture made me laugh, but it also made me look at my own heart to see where I might be swallowing a camel too. 🖼 by @anniesalness 
#christianliving #gospelofmatthew #biblelessons
  • I want my life to be characterized by love. I have been seeking to love God more, and love is demonstrated by my actions. I show God that I love Him by obeying His commands, one of which is loving others as I do myself. I should love others, even if they aren’t loving to me. Jesus demonstrated this by dying for those who did not love Him, putting His own desires below our need for redemption. Every decision, every action, every thought - May it come out of a heart that loves God with all its thoughts, all its choices, all of its emotions! #christianliving #lovegod #loveothers #greatestcommandment
  • Our decorations for VBS are beginning to arrive!! 3 weeks until the fun begins. #vbs #vacationbibleschool #inthewildvbs
  • Meditating on this passage this morning. I can think of so many leaders in our country and in the world who want to be the greatest, using their money and prestige to accomplish their own purposes. But Jesus calls us to be leaders who serve, who put the needs of others above our own. I’m challenged by how often my focus is on myself rather than loving and submitting to others. If the Son of Man Himself came to serve, how much more should I as His follower? #servantleadership #serveothers #christianliving
  • Thursday night Bible study is one of the highlights of my week. When we’re not studying Hebrews or singing along with Bethany’s guitar or ukulele, antics like this are happening. 😂 #biblestudygroup

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